Welcome To The Prerecorded
Basketball I. Q. Tournament!

Start Competing in Minutes! Grades 4th-6th

21 Multiple Choice Video Questions (25 minutes of video)
21 Answer and Explanation Videos (12 minutes of video)
Digital Stat Sheet With Leaderboard

Learn How To Register Once and Play Up to 3 Games?

If you wish to play multiple games, obviously, don't view the answers until you're done competing. Once you view the answers, please stick with the score you have. You can always enter other tournaments. Right?

You can compete in this tournament up to 3 times or compete for 24 hours with one registration. Keep trying to rank higher on the Leaderboard. Once you answer the last question, check your ranking on the Leaderboard. Play again to rank higher and higher if you want. It's only going to increase your HoopSkills I. Q.! 

Tools You'll Need To Play:
Digital Stat Sheet(provided), Pencil and Scratch Paper

Download your Stat Sheet and start recording your score as you answer questions. After you have entered all of your answers, you can check the leaderboard and get the answers and explanations.

Challenge Your Friends To Rank Higher!


Let's Go Hoopers!

Rank Higher and Higher on The LEADERBOARD!

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    • How to play up to 3 Games or for 24 hours in this "Prerecorded Tournament".

    • Tools To Get You Ready To Play! "Prerecorded Basketball I. Q. Tournament"

    • If you're done competing, here are the Answers & Explanations.