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Interactive Basketball Tournament

Prerecorded & LIVE
Basketball I. Q. Tournaments

The Science of The Game

  • How To Compete

    Players have fun and build confidence answering multiple-choice video questions as they increase their basketball I. Q.

    Each question has a point value. However, if you join us live, the point value may change according to the score.

  • Using Your Digital Stat Sheet & Leaderboard

    Players compete against kids around the world. Answers are entered into Digital Stat Sheets and scores are added to the Leaderboard for students to compare rankings.

    Answers and explanations are given after players have submitted their final answers.

  • Increase Your Basketball I. Q.

    Win or lose, every player increases their knowledge of the game with specific questions geared toward gaining a better understanding of the science of the game. Learn why we move the way we do.

To get the most out of this platform, I recommend playing in the following order:

Step One:

Start with the "Prerecorded Basketball I. Q. Tournament"
Grades 4th - 6th

Learn how to think through the choices and make the best basketball decision. Then, continue to compete live!

Students are competing, making new friends and increasing their Basketball I. Q.

Register Once And Play Up To 3 Games

Tournament Includes:

  • 21 Multiple-Choice Video Questions (25 minutes of video)
  • 21 Answer & Explanation Videos (12 minutes of video)
  • Digital Stat Sheet & Leaderboard

Step Two:

Live "One-Day" Basketball I. Q. Tournament

1 Hour of Interacting, Competing and Learning

Grades 4th - 6th

Join us Live for a deep dive into basic basketball principles as we name a WINNER each day.

Step Three:

Live Multi-Day Basketball I. Q. Tournament | The Science of The Game

Every Mon. Wed. & Fri. Starting October 5th at 6pm

Grades 4th- 6th


Day One: Initial Assessment

Day Two: Multiple-Choice Video Questions, Answers, Explanations and Discussions

Day Three: Review, Post Assessment, Champion Named

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